Dear Friends,

In late August, our beloved daughter Riley passed away under the most unimaginable circumstances. It was Riley’s last night of what was truly an amazing first summer at Timber Lake sleep away camp. It should have been the first of many more happy summers. 

With no other outlet for our immense grief and sorrow, Mackenzie and I immediately created the Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation in Riley’s honor. Since then, the outpouring of love, affection and support from so many families near and far has been inspiring beyond words. While we created Riley’s Foundation, it is each of you that have breathed life into her legacy and taken it forward at such an incredible pace.

Riley was a kind, compassionate and truly special friend to all who were lucky enough to know her. She was a creative, silly, imaginative, unique and loving little girl who brought joy, laughter and kindness wherever she went. Her passing is a devastating loss to her family, friends, community and the world.

We are pleased to introduce the Foundation’s initial programming, the Riley’s Way Awards. These awards will provide an immediately feasible, straightforward, and compelling program that will help the world remember Riley and encourage others to practice kindness and empathy as she always did.

Thank you so much for your support and for helping us keep the memory of Riley’s wonderful spirit alive. We hope this is just the beginning and that Riley’s Foundation will grow as Riley would have and make a lasting impact on the world. We have no doubt that Riley would have been immensely proud of the work that is being done in her name.


With Love & Gratitude,



Proud Parents of Riley Hannah Sandler