Remembering Riley

Dear RSMF family & friends,

Today marks an important day in our lives. One year ago today, our beloved Riley passed away under the most unimaginable circumstances. It was Riley’s last night of what was truly an amazing first summer at Timber Lake sleep away camp. It should have been the first of many more happy summers. 

In honor of Riley and the outpouring of support, kindness, love, and new friendships that have developed since establishing the Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation, we would like to invite our community to honor Riley and pay it forward through her magical spirit. We encourage you to practice kindness and empathy as she always did, today and every day.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and for helping us keep the memory of Riley’s wonderful spirit alive. We hope this is just the beginning and that Riley’s Foundation will grow as Riley would have and make a lasting impact on the world.

We have no doubt that Riley would have been immensely proud of the work that is being done in her name.

Please take a moment today and get to know Riley. Watch her in action, read and share stories, and continue our path in #inspiringsmiles. 

Get to know Riley. 

With love and gratitude, 

Mackenzie + Ian Sandler
-Proud Parents of Riley Hannah Sandler