#inspiringsmiles Projects in Motion

Fun, love + bunny ears

Created in honor of Riley's free, loving, and joyful spirit, the Fun, Love + Bunny Ears project is an activity that can be taken into classrooms, hospital units, and camps, all with the sole purpose of #inspiringsmiles.  

Fun, Love + Bunny Ears is a DIY arts and crafts project that allows children to make their own personalized bunny ears in honor of Riley. The activity begins with our Bunny Ears Ambassador sharing Riley's story and the impact she made through her kindness to others, young and old. We teach the importance of helping others and showing compassion and love to all. We then encourage children to have fun expressing their individuality through designing their own set of bunny ears, while in a group setting. "Hop around and smile" and create your own Riley moment is a group activity that is bound to pass on the lessons of kindness and foster friendships amongst children.

Interested in taking part of this activity? Email info@rileysandler.org for more information on obtaining your bunny ear kits!