The truest of friends who loved helping others

Riley was a magical child and a joy to her family, friends and the world.

In the future I will have brown hair with a feather that is light blue. I will have brown eyes. I am going to be very kind...
— Riley Sandler
I will be a very good dancer. I won a gold medal in dance in the olympics. I am also an ice skater. I compete for the U.S.A. When I am not competing or practicing, I am at the studio of the hit TV show Rocking It. I go on my phone a lot so I have 1 million Twitter followers, 5 million Facebook followers, and 10 million Instagram followers...
— Riley Sandler

Riley Sandler:

  • Always including campers and always helping.
  • I like that your always nice to people even if they are mean to you
  • You are always happy and you are such a sweet and amazing girl
  • Sweet, kind and shows love and friendship
  • Very caring, cute and sweet, nice person to be around, nice conversations with her
  • You are a very kind and warm hearted girl.  I love that you are always there comforting your friends.
  • You are very funny
  • You are very helpful
  • So pretty on the inside and out
  • You are an awesome friend to everyone

Now let’s move on to family and friends. I have a dog names Oreo that can talk! I also have a hamster named Snuffles that can also talk and I have a bunny named Fluffy that can also talk. Some of my best friends names are Olivia and Sophia who I met at Rocking It.
— Riley Sandler
If you are wondering has the world changed, the answer is yes. Now you can dance in the Olympics. Animals can now talk. Candy is better than vegetables. Everything is free! That is my future.
— Riley Sandler