Riley’s Way Attends Powerful Youth Summit hosted by 2022 C4K Partner Read Alliance

“Elevating Youth Voices” event was held at The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

On Friday, August 12, Riley’s Way 2022 Call For Kindness Partner, Read Alliance (READ), hosted its 2022 annual Youth Summit, themed “Elevating Youth Voices,” at The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice in New York City. The event convened The READ Teen Leaders — young people who work as individual reading tutors for younger peers — from New York City and beyond for a full-day event celebrating their achievements and promoting post-secondary success through engaging workshops, panels, and networking.

Riley’s Way’s young leaders and staff joined participants in The Opportunity Room, sharing creative ways to learn more about our youth-led kindness movement, including our annual Call For Kindness, and our vision for a future where kind changemakers build a better world. Along with enjoying the warm, in-person connections made with the attendees, the Riley’s Way team distributed informative flyers, colorful brochures, and fun swag!

The fun-filled day also included: a live DJ, appearances by Cobra Performing Arts, Urban Word award-winning spoken word artists, studio spaces for teens to document their experiences, and multiple meaningful workshops highlighting self-esteem and youth empowerment.

At Riley’s Way, we are always proud to partner with Read Alliance and others in our ongoing commitment to support young leaders to build a better world that values kindness, empathy, connection, and the voices of all youth! Speaking of youth voices, here is a quote from one of our youth leaders, Victoria, a summer intern and Co-Chair of the TYWLS Astoria + Hewitt Council, who attended the event and had a blast representing Riley’s Way:

“I had an amazing time at the READ Alliance Youth Summit! I talked to so many young people who were interested in our programs and related to Riley’s Way’s mission. Some were eager to join the Call For Kindness and the upcoming Retreat! It makes me excited to see what the future holds — both for Riley’s Way and the world!”

Youth get together and talk about Riley's Way.