Join the Riley’s Way Foundation’s annual Call For Kindness challenge!


Are you part of an organization or company that cares about young leaders? Add your voice to the growing number of organizations championing kindness as an essential leadership quality by supporting our Call For Kindness. Join us as we connect youth changemakers across the country who are working to make our world a better place.

The Call For Kindness, now in its sixth year, offers young leaders the chance to participate in a dynamic Leadership Development Fellowship and win up to $5,000 in funding for a project that strengthens their local, national, or global communities.

Thank you for adding  your organization to the pledge below and helping spread the word about the #CallForKindness within your community and beyond!

When you pledge to be a Partner, we ask that you:

– Commit to at least one social media post, tagging us at Riley’s Way (IG: @rileyswayfoundation; FB: @RileysWayFoundation; Twitter: @RileysWayFdn), and use the #CallForKindness hashtag. We will provide sample posts! Here are a few examples of posts that will help the cause:

We’re proud to support the next generation of kind leaders through the #CallForKindness. Will you help us spread the word?

Do you know a teen who wants to change the world? Tell them to submit their project idea to the #CallForKindness for the chance to win $5,000!

– Include a brief description of the Call for Kindness (suggested language included upon sign-up) and a mention of the Call for Kindness hashtag #CallForKindness in your next newsletter and/or upcoming communications.

– Send us your logo and a quote about how your community is making a difference through acts of kindness and empathy. We would love to spotlight you throughout our campaign.

In addition, we are honored to list you as a partner on our website, in our press release, and in communications to members of our community.  Thank you for joining us in the next generation of changemakers leading with kindness, empathy, and inclusivity!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about partnering with Riley’s Way, please get in touch with Lauren Shenkman, Director of Partnerships & Programs.


Thank You to Our 2023 Partners!



The Conan Fund


Born This Way Foundation



“Goodles is committed to giving 1% as product donations to food in securities. We are also committed as a company to be gooder in the world… Riley’s Way is about kindness and goodness.”


Student Leadership Network

“Riley’s Way embodies everything we believe about leadership; it must begin with kindness and connection. We’re so proud to partner and so grateful for all Riley’s Way does to uplift and empower our students. “


Doing Good Together – New York City and Simple Acts Guide


Confident Healthy Women


The Fresh Air Fund



“Empatico is proud to partner with the Riley’s Way Foundation and its annual Call for Kindness. Empatico was created to foster a more empathetic and compassionate future generation. Like Riley’s Way, Empatico aims to inspire kindness by expanding the boundaries of learning and empowering students to learn about different perspectives in a safe space.”


Computers For People Inc.



“DoSomething is committed to joining Riley’s Way Foundation because we know that relationships matter. We strive to create an inclusive space that fuels young people to take action on the issues most pressing to them. We know at the core this starts with kindness and compassion for your neighbor, empathy for those with different lived experiences, and a desire to build stronger and more joyful communities, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. This is why are eager to join the #CallForKindness.”


Ali Forney Center


Youth Service America


Urban Assembly

“The Urban Assembly values kindness by committing to the skill development that supports living in community with one another. To remain connected requires perspective taking, self-management, self-awareness, and relationship skills. We take these skills seriously as learners and educators, and we practice and develop them in service of a more perfect union.” – David Adams, CEO


Timber Lake Camp

“At TLC, we support the Call For Kindness because it puts our camp’s STARFISH Values into practice – reminding us all that youth-led projects – both big and small – that look to make a positive, social impact can make an outsized impact!”


Read Alliance

“Read Alliance believes in young people, and is committed to providing spaces where young people are seen and heard in meaningful ways. We care about the Riley’s Way Call for Kindness because we know that kind connections can be transformational to how a child or young person moves through the world. Kind connections are at the core of the Read Alliance model and mission, and we are honored to partner with an organization, like Riley’s Way, which is just as deeply rooted in the value of compassion, of inclusivity, and of love.”




The Next Gen Come Up

“Being determined to execute your visions, being an empathetic leader, and having an understanding of effective organizing strategy is what separates true changemakers from the performers! As an organization that prides itself on nurturing the next generation of radical change leaders,  The Next Gen Come Up supports Riley’s Way mission provide launch pad for young people to nurture their service projects and put in the real work to bring them to fruition <3”



“At DemocraShe, we believe that leadership isn’t just about having big ideas, it’s about taking action and helping transform others’ lives for the better. We love how Riley’s Way empowers brilliant young people to draw on their empathy and kindness to make real, positive change in the world.”


Hillel of Greater MetroWest

“Kindness is at the root of everything we do on campus- we strive to foster a kind and welcoming community for Jewish students and allies. “


18by Vote

“18by Vote is an organization whose work is centered on the values of the Call for Kindness: kindness, empathy, youth leadership, and inclusive community. Here at 18by Vote, we are working to create a culture of long-lasting sustainable youth civic engagement and empowerment by cultivating the leadership of youth who live in communities with little to no access to civic engagement.  Through a hyper-local community focus and a mindset of “meeting people where they’re at”, the youth in our programs build deep community-based connections that help activate youth nationwide to take action! 18by Vote is a stepping stone for lifelong civic engagement. For many youth in our community, we are the first introduction to civic life, youth organizing, and activism, as well as their first demonstration of putting empathy and care for their communities into action.”


South Asian Youth Action (SAYA)

“SAYA understands the incredible impact and importance of connection and community – as well as the longterm benefits they provide – and we are proud to spread the message of kindness and support that Riley’s Way represents.”


Justice is Us Project

“It was an incredible experience with other changemakers and inspirational youth.”


Liam’s Lunches of Love

“We care about the Call for Kindness because it provides the support for young leaders that isn’t available in many other places, especially non-profiting.”


Champions of Change

“Because I have been able to meet the most incredible people and learn so much!”


Girls Who Steam


Leaders Across the World

“The Call for Kindness supports young leaders in their journey to create positive change. The community of support is truly transformational!”


Love A Sea Turtle – LAST

“Kindness is not only a symbol of giving. It’s the art of persistence and creating a long lasting impact on others.”


Michal Ruprecht

“There is so much keeping us up at night. But the Call for Kindness Fellows give me hope that our future is bright.”


Repair the World

“Repair the World cares about the Call for Kindness because we are aligned in the pursuit of driving meaningful change by mobilizing and inspiring others and their communities.”


Love and Sweet Bakery

“The Call for Kindness initiative has uplifted and brought together numerous incredible organizations. Love and Sweet Bakery is honored to be part of Riley’s Way, and we would love to share the message in any way we can.”


Partnership for After School Education (PASE)


One Love Foundation




Center for Community Progress



World Leadership School


Amigos Con Todos / Female Leaders of the Americas

“The Call for Kindness gave us the resources and support we needed to put our project into action. We are so grateful to the Call for Kindness and would never have had the chance to serve the populations we work to serve had it not been for the grant.”


Ryan Nece Foundation

“Our mission is to empower the next generation of servant leaders – and we can’t do that without instilling empathy and kindness in the teens we work with!”


Imagine, Innovate, Inspire Foundation

“The Imagine, Innovate, Inspire (I3) Foundation has been pushed by the Call for Kindness to expand our horizons and develop new ways to accomplish our mission. The C4K cohort is filled with incredible changemakers from all over the country—these changemakers are the future of this country as well. With programs like C4K and organizations like the Riley’s Way Foundation, I am confident that these changemakers are being molded into some of the most impactful, kind, empathetic, and brilliant leaders!”


Green Schools Alliance

“When schools prioritize kindness, they create a culture that promotes respect, empathy, and compassion towards each other and the environment. By promoting empathy and understanding, schools can help students better understand the interconnectedness of social and environmental issues, and how actions taken to address one issue can impact the other. These skills will ultimately help students develop the resilience, creativity, and leadership qualities needed to tackle complex environmental challenges.”


Recovery Meet-Ups


Perceptions International

“Call For Kindness has wholeheartedly embraced the Riley’s Way’s values of kindness and inclusivity, uplifting the voices of young leaders and cultivating a strong sense of community found both in-person and virtually. We are beyond grateful for Call For Kindness, from its wide-spanning reach to its role in empowering our own community of young disabled people.”



“At MENTOR New York, we believe all young people are brilliant and have potential. Investing in young people through caring, kind, and intentional relationships can provide access to new opportunities, foster joy, support their capacity to thrive, drive social change and contribute to a just society.”


Child’s Play NY

“Quality actor training might as well be called empathy training! At Child’s Play NY, like at Riley’s Way, we look to tell stories that make our young people feel belonging and value. As we step into other characters’ shoes we do so with utmost care and love. From our welcome circle to our curtain call, the process is one of joyful support. Riley’s Way shines a light on student leadership and student voice and how to do it all from a heart-centered place – it is a beacon to Child’s Play NY for how to lead with kindness.”


Commonpoint Queens


Empowered Flower Girl

“Empowered Flower Girl is dedicated to helping young people realize their personal power. The Riley’s Way Call for Kindness gives youth a platform and community to make a difference and a positive impact in the world.”


The Formula Project

“Riley’s Way has opened me up to a vibrant community of changemakers. The support system is incredibly welcoming and has opened my organization to a wealth of resources.”


Helping Hands MB



ZGStoller Consulting, LLC / @ZoeStoller


Brooklyn Robot Foundry

“The mission of our company is to inspire creative thinkers and empower our students to do whatever they dream. Kindness is an essential ingredient in this process. We strive to provide not just fun and education in our programs, but also encouragement and a safe space to fail. We support the Call for Kindness to amplify this message to young people everywhere.”


92NY Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact


Kidz That Care

“We care about the Call for Kindness because our organization is all about raising kids and teens who will grow up to be authentically caring adults that give back to their communities.”



“Our world is better when kindness becomes a lifestyle rather than a one-time action. There are so many acts of kindness people can do every day that can make a difference regardless of how big or small the action is. This ripple effect is actually the best part about kindness. Our overall vision at NEST4US is to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to create a more compassionate and inclusive world by instilling a passion for service through random acts of kindness.”


Be The Change Youth Initiative

“One act of kindness has the power to forever impact the life of another, or save it. We’ve seen it, experienced it, and will forever advocate for it.”


SAi STEM Advocacy Institute




HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers)

“As a humane education organization promoting kindness and justice for all, HEART supports the Call for Kindness. Our goal is to inspire compassion for animals, people and the planet while motivating youth to become agents of positive change.”


Exact Communication

“Leadership with kindness as a key quality shows compassion, empathy, and strength. At Exact Communication we believe the best and most resilient relationships are founded in those same qualities and inspire a like-minded community. The Call For Kindness provides invaluable support for these inspirational future leaders.”


Climate Museum

“Campaigns like this that encourage action on environmental justice are critical to ensure that inclusivity and fair treatment are central elements of the climate-safe future we all deserve to inhabit. We’re proud to partner with Riley’s way Foundation to encourage young leaders to work collaboratively and creatively to be changemakers in their communities!”


Civics Unplugged


9/11 Day




Common Sense

“For 20 years, Common Sense has been dedicated to serving kids and families, but our work is strengthened tenfold when we co-create with the communities we serve. Uplifting youth leaders is the first step toward a better forever.”


Kids Give Back

“I love the mission of your organization! It’s important to remind people that kind acts make a big difference. In 2022, Kids Give Back received Call for Kindness funding to make welcome baskets for teachers who work in Title 1 schools, and the project was a huge success and great example of spreading kindness! Thank you for the work yo do.”


Bridges From Borders



Global Tinker

“The Riley’s Way Call For Kindness is a truly magnificent program, as it not only fosters compassion and empathy within individuals, but also creates a ripple effect of positivity that can touch the lives of countless others.”

“Global Tinker is proud to support the Riley’s Way Foundation’s Call for Kindness challenge, which does an incredible job of amplifying young voices making a strong impact in their communities.”


Brave Good Kind

“At BRAVE GOOD KIND, we strive to support, encourage, and inspire women to be changemakers. We exist to fuel them to live their best lives while being unapologetically themselves. We believe in spreading positivity and providing a platform where women will feel empowered to voice their unfiltered opinion about what matters most to them. Young leaders are essential to a more kind and positive world and we’re excited to be part of the Call for Kindness campaign, which plans to do just that! Let’s change the world together! ”


Moda Zeta LLC

“Support through community is a concept I have had the fortune to grow up with. Now as an adult, I believe paying it forward to the next generation is essential, especially in todays world where so many factors can increasingly alienate our youth.”