BFB #MyStory Program

Sunya Afrasiabi

New York

#MyStory is a volunteer-based program that aims to unite people with stories by developing immigrant narratives. This is done through the combination of oral history, narrative therapy, and portrait exhibition to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Updates from #MyStory

July, 2022
Hello everyone! My name is Sunya Afrasiabi and I am the student founder of the #MyStory program. This program is an offshoot of Bridges from Borders’ “Mental Health Ambassador Program”. In #MyStory, volunteers match with storytellers (local immigrants/refugees) to tell their story and share them in the form of an auditory or visual exhibit. The objective behind this project is to involve the community in sharing cultures with others, so that cultural appreciation can take place of discrimination.

In the past year, we have expanded to recording the narratives of 10 more immigrant communities such as Egypt, Burma, Peru, China, Pakistan, and Cote D’Ivoire. We have also had exhibits at universities and in county court buildings.

I am excited to see how Riley’s Way’s support will aid us in the further development of #MyStory. I look forward to becoming part of the Riley’s Way family!