Blooming Seeds

Devika Manoj & Riza Khan


Blooming Seeds is a youth-led organization which provides free science related workshops to children with special needs. Our project aims to immerse children with special needs into the world of science while simultaneously creating an inclusive environment where people with and without disabilities can interact.

Updates from Blooming Seeds

June, 2021
Blooming Seeds is an organization that provides free science to workshops to children with special needs while creating a space where people with and without disabilities can interact. Having personal relations to people with special needs, we noticed how they were often not exposed to science within their normal classroom walls. After being inspired by our observations, we conducted our first workshop at our local library in April of 2019, and with that, Blooming Seeds “bloomed” to life. Since then, we have hosted over 20 workshops, including once with children in India, and can’t wait to host many more! As Call for Kindness Fellows, we are excited to have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and host several new events. We are also looking forward to hearing about all of the amazing things that the other fellows are doing, and hopefully we can draw some inspiration from them!