Candid Community-Care

Michel Ruiz Fuentes & Frank Sheffield

Washington, DC

Candid Community-Care strives to ensure that everyone receives quality care, equal opportunity, and necessary resources for survival. Through our in-kind donation drive, we will provide kits with hygienic products, necessary for daily life, to vulnerable communities.

Updates from The Patient Project

June, 2021
At ‘Candid Community-Care’ our goal is to ensure that everyone receives quality care, equal opportunity and the necessary resources for survival. As a new project, our primary goals are to advocate for healthcare equity and increase accessibility to health and wellness resources. We will begin our work towards this social justice initiative by hosting an in-kind drive at Mary’s Center located in Washington D.C. The kits at the drive will consist of hygienic items like toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. Our team believes that, “At its roots, healthcare is far more complex than doctor visitations and should include the prioritization of basic needs. Not everyone has the necessary resources for survival, so we strive to bring awareness about this issue, by demonstrating the positive aftermath that results in providing hygienic kits.” Our long-term goal is to spread our impact by tackling more forms of health inequality and directly supporting vulnerable communities.