Food Insecurity

Living School Community Orchard Project

Kaprice Daniels, Kaia Preston, Jucati Jordan, Lamaj Mathis, Micheal Williams, Joy Alexanders, Jua Mills, Niani Mills, Jalen Kyle, Iniko Nick, Keylon Brown, Briana Garcia, Gerinsha Wilford, Nia Johnson, Patrick Livers, & Jamari Wilson


Have you ever been to New Orleans East? If so, you know that there aren't many healthy food options for families. The 2021 Living School Orchard project will put a change to that. This project is a way for our school to connect with our community and inspire them towards making healthier food choices by educating them on what foods can be grown right in their front yard. The project will also showcase our beautiful artwork and allow the community members to interact with us creatively as they assist us with painting orchards signs and a few mural details.

Updates from The Living School Orchard Project

June, 2021
The Living School Community Orchard Project is a beautification endeavor that will not only draw attention to the amazing work that we are doing in our school orchard but it is also designated as a platform that will empower our surrounding community to engage with one another through hands-on gardening workshops that will be used as a tool to respond to the issue of food insecurity in New Orleans East and its surrounding areas.