PeachTree Pad

Khloe Thompson


PeachTree Pads are a new look on sustainable feminine pads. These pads are eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and good for the environment and our bodies.

Updates from PeachTree Pads

June, 2021
PeachTree Pads are an eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable menstrual pad that is good for the earth and our bodies. PeachTree was created once Khloe learned how much waste we consume with disposable pads and tampons. After her mother became sick from tampons Khloe imagined a better pad and how she could make and design a reusable one. She researched pads and what they are made of, then did extensive research on fabrics that are eco friendly, absorbent and waterproof while being eco friendly. She did a number of swatch tests to figure out the right combination and once she perfected a fabric combination, she created a great product. The PeachTree Pads went through many design processes. Until she finally settled on one that would work. This entire project has taken Khloe close to 6 months to create. Her hope is to one educate others to switch to a reusable option. And down the line, get PeachTree Pads into retail stores to make them more accessible.