Perceptions International

Libby Riggs, Latif Askia Ba & Oumaima Ben Amor


Perceptions is an international community amplifying the voices of young people with disabilities through various art forms.

Updates from Perceptions International

July, 2022

Perceptions is a platform centered around young people with disabilities, promoting disability excellence through the arts. Influenced by her passions for disability advocacy and creative writing, Libby founded Perceptions as her Girl Scout Gold Award project in hopes of combating the lack of understanding surrounding the concept of disability. Through contests, social media posts, online events, podcast episodes, and an online gallery, the Perceptions team aims to uplift the voices of the disability community.

We strive to give our community a place of belonging, a place where young disabled people can exchange their ideas, their stories, and their experiences. Our 2022 writing, art, and music contest for disabled people (ages 12-26) is open now until July 15th, 2022! More information can be found on our website ( or Instagram (

As Call For Kindness Fellows, we look forward to collaborating with and learning from other fellows and Riley’s Way Staff through various online sessions. With these opportunities, we hope to continue to emphasize creativity, connecting young disabled artists, writers, and musicians to a greater community of both disabled and non-disabled people.