New Project

Browning and Mott Haven Academy Charter School partnership

Robert Michaelson

New York

Robert seeks to create a partnership between The Browning School and Mott Haven Academy Charter School, which prioritizes admission to children involved in the child welfare system. Robert will use the prize to help Mott Haven purchase sports uniforms and equipment for all of its teams, school supplies to address everyday needs, and setting up opportunities for collaboration on different sports, art, chess and after­school programs.

Updates from Robert

December, 2019
We are excited about the furthering of our partnership and are gearing up for many exciting things to take place over the year. Thanks again for your support, along with the rest of the Riley’s Way family, it has definitely been helpful with our attempt to create a meaningful relationship with the Mott Haven Academy Charter School and make lasting change. Below is our plan for this school year.

1. Mott Haven has a program called "Bears, Bears, Bears" for PreK, K, 1. Kids at the school receive stuffed bears and participate in the program all year. These Bears help provide emotional support through the transition for kids in the foster program. We are currently working towards getting 10th grade students from Browning to go to Mott Haven for a reading event to support the initiative. The cost of the program is approximately $525 plus transportation.

2. Browning is supplying clothes for an emergency clothing drive. 80% of the kids at Mott Haven Academy Charter School live in shelters or are on public assistance and many of these kids are sometimes in a position where they don’t have clothes to attend school. At Browning, we are collecting uniforms and supplementing with purchased pants, underwear, hats, and gloves to support their pantry. These clothes will help stock their pantry and help kids have supplies through the winter. This is incredibly important because by the start of the winter months the pantry donations begin to decrease, so they are virtually on their own. The cost of these essential clothing items is approximately $800.

3. At Browning, we have organized a chess mini-course that will be implemented in February. The course has been designed and will include four chess lessons at Mott Haven.

4. We are also in the process of creating a running program over the track season during the spring. This is still in the early stages but we hope to implement it in March/April.

July, 2019
Hello, Riley’s Way community! My name is Robert Michaelson, and I am a rising senior at the Browning School. Recently, I was one of the recipients of the Call for Kindness grant. I will be strengthening the relationship with my school, the Browning School, and Mott Haven Academy, a charter school that “believes every child can learn and achieve regardless of life circumstances.” Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on the mission and values of Browning, Mott Haven, and Riley’s way to develop meaningful programming. All institutions believe in the power of student leaders to make powerful change through building connections with others and treating people with kindness. Together, I believe our programming will further the idea that students can be successful and caring leaders despite the circumstances they may face. I have begun looking at calendars and reaching out to various individuals to begin planning events and programs and look forward to checking back this summer!