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Sophia Chen & Michaela Kim


Yes2STEM was founded to engage kids in underserved areas in STEM. They partner with nonprofits and afterschool programs to work with 60 kids to host workshops to encourage their curiosity. Sophia and Michaela will use the funds to brings the kids on field trips to museums and research facilities, implement a STEM mentorship program between high school and elementary school students, community STEM nights, and to create a website that hosts a virtual mentorship program.

Updates from Sophia and Michaela

July, 2019
Hi! Our names are Michaela and Sophia, and we’d like to begin this blog post by saying thank you to Riley’s Way. It has been a busy couple of months for us and with Riley’s Way’s support, we have been able to really expand our project and start to make our ideas a reality.

The first project that we have been working on is the Yes2STEM website. Through this platform, we hope to not only provide information about our initiative, but also build a global community of youth in STEM through our ambassador program, online mentorship center, and resources page. The YES STEM ambassador program calls for teens around the world to create their own projects – with our guidance and support – to engage their communities in STEM, especially in underserved areas. Applications are currently open and we strongly encourage any teen who is passionate about STEM to apply! Ambassadors will also be mentors in our online mentorship program where kids around the world will be able to ask questions and connect with them (see our website for more details!). Lastly, the resources page of our website will contain fun activities, experiments, and articles that will allow kids anywhere to engage in STEM.

Here is a link to our website if you’d like to learn more!

The second project we have been working on is in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. The first of many ideas we hope to implement, we are currently in the process of creating a longer duration STEM program which will include pairing the kids with high school mentors, field trips, and a cumulative science fair project in addition to the same type of fun experiments and activities we have included in our previous camps and workshops. Through this program, kids will be able to experience the scientific process hands-on and learn how to present their work in the science fair at the end.

Before we say goodbye for now, we’d like to thank everyone at Riley’s Way again for enabling us to pursue our goal of engaging more youth in STEM! We hope to continue to keep you updated!

Michaela and Sophia