Yuriko Kikuchi Arigato Award

Supporting Elders and Connecting Generations through Ballet

Isobel Ramsay


We plan to share our love of ballet with elderly homes, as they may not be able to attend larger performances in COVID times.

Updates from Supporting Elders and Connecting Generations through Ballet

October, 2022

Hi! My name is Isobel Ramsay, and I’m a senior in high school from New Orleans Louisiana. My project is called “Connecting Generations through Dance.” I know how tough this pandemic has been on everyone, but I’ve especially noticed it for older folks. The inspiration behind this project came from my godmother, who adores coming to see ballet performances. However, she still feels unsafe in larger crowds because of the fear of getting COVID. I’ve noticed that older generations tend to connect with ballet more than younger ones, and I wanted to find a way of bringing performances to them without making them feel unsafe. Thus, “Connecting Generations Through Dance” was born! I plan to bring a transportable, small stage to elderly homes and set up performances there! I’m really excited to work with Riley’s Way and the other fellows over this next year!