The Aspen Project

Jasper Ryan, Dylan Giles, Kalista McCafferty, Connor Allen, Jaxon Holmes, Charlie Smith, Eliza-Lup Farrell, Mattheus Wardle, Kyli Becker, Jami Wheeler, Jayda Fitch, Michael Thoroughman, Sam Deerfield, Jenefar Paul, Finnley Horsely, Mary Welker, Taylor Payne & Sophia Prado


The Aspen Project’s mission is to provide accessible, uncensored education about the LGBTQ+ community.

Updates from The Aspen Project

July, 2022

Hello! I'm Jasper, and I'm the founder and president of the Aspen Project. The Aspen Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing accessible, uncensored education about the LGBTQ+ community. Since our start in May 2021, we've grown to a team of 19 people across 4 states!

This year, our organization was selected to be one of the 2022 Call For Kindness Fellows through the Riley's Way Foundation. We're looking forward to collaborating with them on workshops to better our team, and to use that knowledge to help others! We're so excited for the rest of this year, and have a full schedule of lessons and events to share with you.

- In-person silent auction fundraiser in Boise, ID
- Booth at Boise Pride Festival
- Video and article releases from our writers and diversity reps.

Instagram: @aspen.project
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Twitter: @aspen_project21