The Formula Project

Vivian Nguyen, Michelle Mejia, Makayla Hsieh, Olamide, Fadahunsi, Faith Washington & Shalini Thinakaran


The Formula is hosting a mentorship program for middle school girls with high school upperclassmen as mentors. Through our mentorship program, we will provide a sisterhood of support to middle school girls, guide them through the transition to high school, and empower them to become successful change makers.

Updates from The Formula Project

June, 2021
We are The Formula Project! Our formula is "Assurance + Compassion”. Our founders, Vivian Nguyen and Faith Ajanaku, founded this organization during quarantine after noticing the hardships of motherhood, especially in a pandemic. In addition to our founders, our board wants to use our power to aid low-income minority mothers and women in general. After successfully receiving our first $500 grant, we created care packages that not only went to Safe Haven Tarrant County but also to a local gynecologist who will help us distribute these to mothers in need. However, as teens, the amount we could help adult mothers is limited since we have yet to experience that stage in life, which is why we took a shift in our goal.

As we were talking about our personal experiences in school, we concluded that it would’ve been meaningful to have a mentor in middle school to direct us out of our insecurities and into positivity. The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging due to a multitude of issues including their own self-awareness, the constant need to be accepted by their peers, and trying to figure out where they fit in. The Formula Project covers confidence, feminism, STEM career advice, healthy relationships, and cultivates a diverse and friendly environment for middle school students to grow alongside their high school and college mentors.

We are confident that our mentorship program will empower middle schoolers to discover their worth and interests. The Formula wants to help develop the next generation of leaders and changemakers by providing them with the mindset, tools, and connections.

With our mission in mind, The Formula Project did not waste time to apply for the Riley’s Foundation grant to help us make this project come true. We are honored that Riley’s chose us, and we will not disappoint! After joining the first Riley’s Way Zoom Call with other 2021 fellows, we already know that a year of kindness, friendship, and empowerment is ahead of us!