Food Insecurity

The Friendly Fridge Network

Charlie Hirschhorn

New York

A community fridge is a public, free-to-take-from fridge stocked with fresh food for anyone who needs it. The Friendly Fridge Network aims to establish a support network for high school students hoping to bring a community fridge to their area.

Updates from The Friendly Fridge Network

June, 2021
Hi guys! I’m Charlie with the Friendly Fridge Network. I started the Friendly Fridge Network this past December after successfully launching a community fridge in Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York. A community fridge is a public, free-to-take-from fridge stocked with fresh food for whoever needs it. Our fridge is plugged in outside 24/7 and is stocked at least twice a day. Throughout the day, those in need are free to take anything from the fridge, while those with extra to give can put something in the fridge. The goal of a community fridge is to help lower food waste while simultaneously strengthening the bond between neighbors.

I started the Friendly Fridge Network after realizing how many people were interested in helping out. Constantly talking to my friends about the fridge, I began to notice how interested they were in starting another one in our neighborhood. I asked myself… Why stop at just one? This was an opportunity to use my experience and knowledge to help even more people in more neighborhoods start their own community fridges.

The Friendly Fridge Network is a support system for community fridges organized in majority by high school students like myself. We are currently building our board and working to start more community fridges. We plan to have monthly meetings, and we are currently working on becoming a certified 501(c)(3).

I’m really looking forward to joining the Call For Kindness team for two reasons. First, I’m excited to learn what I can do to improve my project. I am eager to attend meetings in which I can collaborate and learn about how to make my project run smoothly. I’m also looking forward to meeting people from all over the country with unique backgrounds and experiences.