New Project

The Red Goji

Aria Miao & Sarah Hasan


The Red Goji is a multilingual, multicultural, student-run blog founded on the idea that food is the universal equalizer. Using a submission system open to people of all ages and from all parts of the globe, our team of teen personnel translates, photographs, and illustrates, and publishes a medley of user-driven recipes and writing as a display of the world's diversity. Our ultimate purpose? To celebrate the one-of-a-kind intersect between culture and cuisine.

Updates from The Red Goji

June, 2020
The Red Goji is a teen-run blog working to bring the global community into local ones using food, the world’s common factor. We publish two types of food-driven content: recipes and creative writing. To ensure a diverse repertoire, all posts are sourced from audience submissions rather than from our staff. It is the job of our student team to translate, photograph, and illustrate this raw content in a developmental process that optimizes quality and accessibility. As of June 2020, RG is proud to feature 14 world languages on our site.

For Aria, this blog is an homage to her confused origin as someone who has bounced around states and grown up not quite Chinese, not quite American. On a wider scale, it’s also a conglomeration of all her favorite things in the world—food, writing, languages—what’s not to like? And as for Sarah, RG is more of a fun summer diversion and a continuation of the International Days held by her school. Now moving into gymnasium (the Swedish equivalent of high school), working for RG is a reminder of the potlucks and cultural celebrations she’s left behind.

We, as the Goji Team, are all extremely excited to be working with Riley’s Way as Kindness Fellows. This is a much-needed opportunity to not only realize our visions and grow our professionalism with adequate funding, but also acquire the soft skills needed to run a student organization reaching for the stars. (Not to mention the chance of meeting other leaders and projects.)

Our biggest goal for the upcoming year—or rather, the upcoming month—is to release our blog to the world on July 7. Mark your calendars and be sure to subscribe! Our first set of 11 posts will be centered around the theme “Cooking in Quarantine,” our own effort to address the growing atmosphere of isolation in these tumultuous times. In the future, we hope to expand our audience, team, and general visibility through regular posts and some shaky attempts at media publicity. We’re also looking for ways to impact the world outside of our “blog” bubble, possibly through fundraisers, interviews, or collaborations with other student organizations. Either way, we hope you’ll support us in our quest for a food revolution.