Tunes For Kidz

Manavi Bajpai, Caroline Meyer & Ava Claire Henson


Tunes For Kidz is a fiscally sponsored project by the Arts and Business Council of Nashville, a non-profit organization. Tunes For Kidz provides instruments to kids of low socioeconomic status, kids who go to schools without music programs, and kids in the foster care system!

Updates from Tunes For Kidz

July, 2022

Hello! My name is Manavi Bajpai and I’m 17 years old! I am the founder and director of Tunes For Kidz (TFK), a fiscally sponsored project of the Arts and Business Council of Nashville, a nonprofit organization. Our main goal, as an organization is to promote music education and we do that in two main ways. First, we give donated instruments to kids from all backgrounds including kids of low socioeconomic status, kids who go to schools without music programs, and
kids in the foster care system. Then we make sure to set up each instrument recipient for long-term success. We provide them with care cards that tailor to their specific instrument needs and cleaning. We also make sure to provide all necessary equipment to care for instruments, such as rosin, valve oil, and cleaning cloths.

The second way we promote music education is through our blog Piece Of the Week(P.O.W.) POW has two main goals. The first is to highlight imperative pieces in every genre of music. With this, we break down the historical significance, the intricacy of playing the piece, as well as any other helpful guides in performing said pieces. The second goal is to show representation in the music community. We are shining a spotlight on much-deserved composers/artists/musicians/producers/etc. from all backgrounds. This includes highlighting prominent artists during LGBTQIA+ month, Native American Heritage Month, Women's History Month, Black History Month, Asian Pacific Heritage Month, etc. The blog has 15 amazing writers from all over the country ranging in background and instrumentation!

Our Tunes For Kidz team is comprised of 4 high school students. I, Manavi Bajpai, am the founder and executive director and I play the piano, guitar, cello, and I sing! Then we have Natalie Porter who is our Managing Director. Natalie plays the guitar, piano, is involved in musical theater, and is a singer songwriter working on her album! Caroline Meyer is our POW coordinator. Caroline is primarily a vocalist but also plays the guitar, piano, and is involved in musical theater. Ava Claire is our social media director and she is a singer songwriter along-side being a vocalist and guitarist!

We are SO excited to be a Call for Kindness Fellow for Rileys Way! We are thrilled to meet all of the other amazing fellows and just see the incredible work everyone is doing. Beyond that, we are delighted to have an amazing group of people to guide us and support all of our endeavors. We are very grateful to be a part of the Rileys Way Community!