JUNE 17, 2021 | 7:00PM EST

Thursday, June 17th

7:00pm EST Welcome | 7:45pm EST Cards Fly

If you’ve registered for the event and did not receive log-in information, please email Laura Kikuchi at


In 2014, Riley’s Way Foundation founder Ian Sandler finished 260th out of nearly 7,000 players at the World Series of Poker. While Riley never understood what he did for work, she knew that her daddy loved playing poker and was super proud of his run that year. That tournament inspired our inaugural Cards for Kindness Poker event which will support our mission of empowering young leaders to use kindness and empathy to create meaningful connections and drive positive change.

The virtual event will begin with a brief welcome and presentation on Zoom at 7:00pm EST, and at 7:45pm EST cards fly and play begins. All tables will have breakout rooms so you feel like you are playing live and will be able to catch up with friends old and new.

Everyone who plays in our inaugural Cards for Kindness event will have their own chance to make poker history as a contestant in the World Series of Poker Main Event—perhaps they will end up on CBS Sports or stand atop the entire field of over 7,000 players and win north of $8 million dollars and the title of championship poker player of the year.

Prizes are still being added, and current prizes include:

♠︎ Grand Prize: Entry to the 2021 World Series of Poker Main Event and a chance to play for the $8mm top prize and a place in poker history.*

♠︎ Two 4-day vacation packages with Exclusive Resorts ($6,000 value)

♠︎ Custom men’s suit or equivalent from Michael Andrews Bespoke ($2,000 value)

♠︎ Multiple golf threesomes & lunch with host, including Bayonne Golf Club, Silo Ridge Field Club, Fenway Golf Club, Stanwich Club, East Hampton Golf Club, and more ($1,500-$3,000 value)

♠︎ Dinner for six with reservation and wine at Peter Luger’s Brooklyn ($1,500 value)

♠︎ Dinner in your home with a private chef

♠︎ Giants tickets for four for a game of your choosing ($750 value)

♠︎ Two tickets to see Late Night with Seth Meyers at Rockefeller Center

♠︎ Quality wine packages

♠︎ Stay tuned for new exciting prizes!!


*WSOP entry can be postponed to 2022 if the winner so chooses due to the pandemic. 


ROYAL FLUSH* | $25,000

♣ Up to 50 players
♣ Signage on the tournament table screen and poker platform
♣ Sole sponsor logo placement on the final table felt
♣ The right to designate four players as bounty targets

FOUR OF A KIND* | $15,000

♣ Up to 35 players
♣ Signage on the tournament table screen and poker platform
♣ The right to designate three players as bounty targets

FULL HOUSE* | $10,000

♣ Up to 20 players
♣ Signage on the tournament table screen and poker platform
♣ The right to designate two players as bounty targets

THREE OF A KIND* | $5,000

♣ Up to 10 players
♣ Signage on the poker platform
♣ The right to designate one player as a bounty target

Single Buy-In | $250

♣ Rebuys and/or the add-on can be pre-purchased at a discount listed below!

*We will aim to provide a private Zoom breakout room for you and your guests.


♦︎ Each player will start with 7500 chips with an option to use a rebuy right away to double their starting stack to 15000 chips.

♦︎ Re-buys and an add-on will be available during the tournament at the regular price of $250, unless you pre-purchase a package. Individuals can pre-purchase a package below. Sponsors and their guests will be able pre-purchase a package on a separate link.

♦︎ Unlimited rebuys for the first 90 minutes of play whenever you are at, or below, your 7500 starting chip amount.

♦︎ An unused rebuy can be used as an add-on.

♦︎ One add-on per person allowed after rebuy period ends. (Add-on is 15000 chips.)

♦︎ Any rebuy/add-on unused by the end of the game will be converted into the equivalent dollar amount of drawing tickets for other great prizes.

♦︎ Donations for any rebuys or add-on that you use during the game, beyond what you pre-purchased (if any), will be requested from you, during or after the tournament.

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