Hear From These Four Young Leaders Changing The World

The podcast series Sincerely, Hueman shares the inspiring stories of kind leaders at Riley’s Way making a positive impact in the world today. Below are four fun and powerful “audiograms” featuring Call For Kindness Fellows Michelle Qiao, Pahonu Coleman, Charlie Hirschhorn, and Isabella Hanson.


Michelle of California created Stories to Heal after noticing a lack of representation of AAPI characters in the works she would engage with in school. Her organization shares the stories of Asian American and Pacific Islanders through art, writing, and poetry.

Listen to Michelle’s full interview, which begins at 11:38.

Pahonu of Hawaii started Nā Kukui O Waimānalo to inspire the youth of Waimānalo and expand their cultural identity and leadership abilities. The program focuses on connecting these youth to their culture, wahi pana (sacred places), self-identity, and overall well-being.

Listen to Pahonu’s full interview, which begins at 12:20.


Charlie of New York began the Friendly Fridge Network as a way to address the growing problem of food insecurity, provide fresh food for those in need, help lower food waste, and strengthen the bond between neighbors.

Listen to Charlie’s full interview, which begins at 14:10.


Isabella of Pennsylvania created the “I Matter” poetry and art competition to provide a forum for youth to process the pain they felt after watching news coverage of the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. The top poems and art are made into a book that is distributed to schools and libraries across the country.

Listen to Isabella’s full interview, which begins at 12:45.