New Project

Amigos de México

Kristie Moore, Leslie Alcala, Luisaelena Manriquez, & Cassidy Bayron


Amigos de México is a new student-led program that aims to shine a light on the issues faced by the Mexican American community and educate youth about Mexican American history, culture, and current events. This will be done through the incorporation of an immersive online curriculum, cultural activities, and site visits, all of which will give participants an enhanced understanding of the Mexican American community. The grant money will be used to launch their website, support an online educational platform, and fund cultural activities!

Updates from Amigos de México

June, 2020
Hello! Our project, Amigos de México is a three component program to teach youth in Orange County, CA about the Mexican American community in order to foster awareness and understanding. It will incorporate an online curriculum about Mexican American history and current politics, Cultural activities, and speaker events. We started this program because Southern California has a large Mexican American population and we recognize the struggles faced by many of them in our community. Especially the struggles of recent immigrants and first generation youth. Additionally, as first and second generation Mexican Americans ourselves, we have seen the injustices and struggles faced by our parents, grandparents, and neighbors. We hope that through our program, we can create a more tolerant community starting with youth!

We are so excited about the Call for Kindness opportunity because it has provided us with both the money and resources we need to implement our project. It is also amazing to be a part of such a supportive community of adults and other Riley’s Way grant winners who we can consult for advice.

We are currently in the process of developing the curriculum for our program and reaching out to influential Latinx leaders and organizations who can speak to the students of our program. We plan to have all of this done and actually start the student portion of the program in September! Due to Social Distancing, we have had to make some minor adjustments and plan to hold meetings over Zoom rather than in person! We are also currently looking for ways to hold cultural activities online.

We are so excited to continue working on our project and begin teaching youth about the Mexican American community in the fall!


June, 2021
Hello everyone!

This year has been exciting and productive for the Amigos de Mexico team. We wrapped up our first cohort of the Amigos de Mexico program in April and graduated ten amazing participants! They had the opportunity to learn about the Mexican American community and consider how different elements of the history of Mexicans in the United States have contributed to current day struggles and injustice over the duration of the 4-month program. We had a great time leading the program and interacting with our participants. It was inspiring to see their individual passions and how eager they were to learn more. Several of them have even joined our team and will be helping us run not only our next cohort of the Amigos de Mexico program next school year, but also our new program, Female Leader of the Americas!

Female Leaders of the Americas (FLOTA) is a free virtual exchange program for girls aged 13-19 from North and South America to learn about language, culture, leadership, politics, government, and International Relations. We’re currently in the outreach phase, but can’t wait for the program to start this summer! It combines our mission to educate youth about different cultures and foster increased understanding and tolerance, while simultaneously bringing in a more international and leadership focused component that wasn’t present in our Amigos de Mexico program.

With the remainder of our grant money we plan to continue running our Amigos de Mexico and Female Leaders of the Americas programs. We also hope to develop new initiatives that can reach more people in the United States and abroad. We are so grateful to Riley’s Way for selecting us as one of the Call for Kindness 2020 winners and couldn’t have accomplished so much without them. The constant support and guidance we received was fundamental to our success and gave us the confidence to lead with kindness and pursue our goals. The last year we’ve developed so much as leaders and individuals and are excited to see what else we can accomplish in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Amigos de Mexico over the last year and to the Rileys Way Foundation for making all of this possible.

Thank you,
The Amigos de Mexico Team