New Project


Ellie Campbell

New York

Crafternoon is a new project that is designed to brighten up the lives of children in hospitals through craft kits, put together by volunteers. The “Volunteer of the Week” will make an appearance on KidsZone, a television program for the younger kids at Mt. Sinai, to explain the project. The position of Volunteer of the Week changes every cycle, allowing everyone a chance. Ellie will use the $1,000 to fund the materials needed for the craft kits, which will create up to 600 kits.

Updates from Ellie

August, 2019
Our First Session!
August 22 was our first episode of Crafternoon, where we made different foods out of Model Magic.

On August 22, our first two volunteers (my brother and sister) and I visited Mt. Sinai Kravis Children’s hospital. We led the children there through an art tutorial that streamed live to each television in the hospital via Kidzone, a television program. The fifty children who were participating were given colorful Model Magic to follow along with.
We also had the wonderful opportunity to meet a few children, who actively participated in making the different foods (and helped with the sound effects in the video). Everyone did such a good job and their final products were amazing.

During the thirty-minute video, we were able to demonstrate how to make sushi and watermelon out of Model Magic, as well as how to mix colors. We were able to answer questions along the way as text messages from the children came in. My favorite message asked whether or not you can make an orange watermelon (it came out looking like a pizza, but we had a great time making multicolored food).

We appreciate everyone who helped get this project to where it is today - Mt. Sinai’s incredible creative arts therapist, who made an appearance in the video; the Kidzone photographers; and my siblings, who were our first volunteers.

Coming up...

Website and Nonprofit!
We are currently working on creating a website! This site will include a donations page, volunteer forms, and more information on Crafternoon. We are also working on becoming a nonprofit so that we will be able to accept donations once our website is published. We estimate that this will take a few weeks.

October Project...
Crafternoon sessions occur every other month, so our next project at Mt. Sinai will be October 15th. Our project for October will be making a string of decorative lanterns with cellophane flames inside of them. We are always looking for new ideas, so if you have an idea for any of our upcoming projects (October, December or February), we would love to hear them. Email us at! We can’t wait to hear from you.