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FHL Closets and Tutoring Services

Jayla Wideman


FHL Closets and Tutoring Services, Inc. strives to make schools a welcoming environment for learning. With the firm belief that personal comfort is necessary to foster strong academics and education, we do our best to fulfill the needs of students in underprivileged communities. We do this by placing closets in schools that cater to these children that hold toiletries and school supplies that are open to all the students that need them. We also hope to establish a tutoring branch in the near future, another way that we plan to make academia an open place to every child.

Updates from FHL Closets and Tutoring

July, 2020
My project is the nonprofit Faith Hope Love Closets & Tutoring Services, inc. We work to support students in schools in underprivileged communities. We do this by placing closets filled with necessary school supplies, hygiene products, non-perishables, and uniforms in these schools for free, so that said students can be comfortable in the classroom. My mother and I started this nonprofit because we both firmly believe that education is the foundation for a successful life, and to succeed in education, one must be physically comfortable. With the Call for Kindness, I am excited to learn more about organizing and what it takes to be a good leader. I am also excited to use the grant given to us to get our tutoring program off the ground. Though social distancing has been a tough adjustment for both our team personally and the nonprofit, we are slowly finding ways to continue to help those who depend on us.