Girls STEM Academy

Maya Vendhan


Girls STEM Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit initiative with the mission of closing the gender gap in STEM by providing resources to encourage girls to pursue STEM fields. This project is addressing an unmet need for girls to have equal representation in STEM fields in my local community and beyond.

Updates from Girls STEM Academy

July, 2022

Girls STEM Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission of empowering middle and high school girls to pursue STEM careers through mentorship, online content, and workshops. I experienced the problem of a lack of girls in STEM firsthand when I was in middle school. As I grew older, I noticed that boys started to outnumber girls in my math and science classes. I realized that there was not a strong community where middle and high school girls could engage and learn about STEM, which inspired me to take action.

To change the narrative I founded Girls Stem Academy to educate and inspire girls into STEM. I hope to narrow the massive gender gap in STEM by providing resources to keep girls interested in science, math, and technology during high school and beyond. I create online content through my website and videos as well as host speaker events in hopes of introducing girls to STEM material and role models from a young age.

I am incredibly honored to become a part of the Riley’s Way community this year! The grant will help us expand our online content to be able to reach more people across the world and spread awareness about this issue. I am excited to learn how to grow my project through the Call for Kindness workshops as well as make lifelong connections with the Riley’s Way Foundation family.